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Doe Cuffs - Deer Hunting Accessory - back in stock!!!!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The Worlds Easiest Big Buck Deer Drag for Whitetail Bucks or Doe Deer

Don't get caught in the woods barehanded. As the world's easiest deer drag, Doe Cuffs are convenient enough to fit right in your pocket with your buck knife or in your backpack. Don't forget your Buck Cuffs or Doe Cuffs on your way out into the woods and make transporting your 8 point buck, 10 point buck or doe deer back to be processed hassle-free. Made in the USA.

The pair of doe cuffs come with two doe cuff drags.

"SC buck from the swamp to the truck with the BUCK CUFFS! Made it so easy! Thanks for a great product!!" -Claudyne

Doe Cuffs are a stylish, durable, one size fits all solution for dragging harvested animals out of difficult locations. Effectively reduce the animals' perceived body weight when transporting. Slip the cable around the hoof, antler, or other body part, grab the handle, and pull. Velcro strap wraps around your wrist to reduce the required grip strength. Two cuffs can be used at a time to distribute the weight even further.

Get your set of Doe Cuffs for only $17.99 + Shipping & Handling.


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