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Buck Cuff Benefits

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Thinking of investing in a pair of Buck Cuffs? Be prepared! You don't want to wait until after you shoot your target to think about how you're going to drag it back to camp; at that point it'll be too late to save your hands and muscles from the wear and tear of dragging your harvest back to be processed.

Lucky for you, there are many reasons why you want to have a pair of Buck Cuffs handy at all times during your hunt:


Buck Cuffs are conveniently designed to fit right in your pocket, taking up very little space. This makes it easy to grab a pair on your way out the door into the woods just in case target practice pays off. As opposed to having to strap a sled to your back, these little guys slide right into a small pocket in your knapsack. There really is no reason NOT to have a pair on you out in the woods on your hunt. You will be glad you have them when trying to drag all that deadweight.


Let's face it, you don't go out into the peaceful woods in search of dinner to get a good workout in! The last thing you want after a successful hunt is to have blistered hands and sore muscles from struggling to grip wet, bloody fur and drag hundreds of pounds up to a mile or more. Buck Cuffs are designed to give you more leverage, reducing friction along the ground, to reduce the amount of force and effort needed. The wrist strap also offers additional support so you do not have to maintain a tight grip the entire trek back. If your fist needs a rest, just let go, and the wrist strap will provide the necessary support to give your hand a break.


Buck Cuffs aren't just for Bucks! Buck Cuffs are weighted to carry up to 800 pounds so they can be used on a variety of different animals and things. Buck Cuffs have also been used to drag Elk, Antelope, Coyotes, Christmas Trees, Kayaks, and more!

Happy Hunting!


Buck Cuffs


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